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The FAFICS Council 2017 - Group Photo


The FAFICS Council 2017 Report: here

The FAFICS Council 2017 - Dinner Photos

Photos from the Dinner in the Augustinerkeller on 19 July 2017: Photo Page

Theseus Temple in the Volksgarten, central Vienna
Theseus Temple in the Volksgarten, central Vienna

The FAFICS Council 2017

Welcome to Vienna again!  it was wonderful to see so many of you here in Vienna last year for the 45th FAFICS Council, and we hope that at least as many will come this year as well.

The 46th FAFICS Council meeting 2017 will be held in the Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria on July 17 - 20, 2017.  The meeting is being hosted by ARICSA with the kind support of the United National Office in Vienna.


To view list of registered participants: List FAFICS Council 2017 Participants

         (requires the username and password sent to you in the invitation letter)

The registration deadline is 2 July 2017.

Additional information about Conference Logistics: Logistics

General information about the venue will be updated here as necessary.

General Information about obtaining an Austrian visa: Visa Information / Countries requiring Austrian Visa (pdf, courtesy of the Austrian Foreign Ministry)

Access to the Vienna International Centre
Access to the VIC by conference participants is possible only via Gate 1. Gate 1 is the 'front gate', facing the Wagramer Strasse. It is easily accessible from the U1 underground station Kaisermühlen-VIC. Gate 1 is located at 'VIC Ground Level' which is three levels above street level. Gate 1 can be reached on foot via ramp or stairs. Please note that taxi cars are not allowed inside the VIC. Taxis must let you out at street level. Participants must register and receive a conference badge on their first visit, entering Gate 1 through the Visitors door and passing an 'airport-like' security scan. Thereafter, they can enter and exit through the staff doors.

Note: Identity Badges from any UN site other than Vienna are NOT VALID for entrance to the Vienna International Centre. You must be a registered attendee, and FAFICS and ARICSA must receive your identity details by 2 JULY 2017 at the latest. Please note that spouses/partners will not be able to enter the VIC. They are, of course, welcome at activities outside the VIC.

List of Hotels with special UN rates: Hotel List 2017 (pdf, courtesy of the IAEA) Four hotels are within easy walking distance of the VIC: The Park Inn, the NH Hotel, the Meliá, and the Archotel. Since the VIC is on the U1 underground line, travel to the VIC is not a problem. Hotels further out tend to be less expensive, those further towards the centre of the city more numerous and typically more expensive.

Travel between the Airport and the Vienna International Centre: The Vienna Airport is located to the south of Vienna. Plan between 30 and 60 minutes to reach the VIC. The two direct transportation links are: (a) take a taxi (about € 45) or a prereserved airport driver (starting at € 25, see Airport Driver Companies, or (b) take an Airport bus (€ 8 or return ticket € 13 line 1183 VAL3 Airport - Donauzentrum - get off at the stop Kaisermühlen VIC). The Airport bus leaves the airport once every daytime hour at 10 minutes past the hour. The trip from the VIC to the airport also leaves every daytime hour at 10 minutes past the hour.

There are other travel connections that are not direct, for example the CAT train, which travels between between the airport and the train station "Wien Mitte" in 16 minutes twice or three times per hour. The cost is € 11, round trip € 17. However, to get from Wien Mitte to the VIC by public transportation, one needs to take an underground line (either U3 or U4) and then change to the line U1. There is also a regional train S7 that leaves the airport 18 minutes past each hour. One would take the S7 to the station Praterstern and change to the U1 underground line to reach the VIC.

General Information about the Vienna International Centre: VIC Guide (pdf, courtesy of the IAEA)

Internet Connectivity: There are two "internet islands" available for public use. All conference areas (meeting rooms, ancillary rooms, coffee bars, etc) are enabled with free wireless guest access. Good cell phone network access is available throughout the complex. The Post Office also has public telephones that are available during business hours.

Schematic Guide to the Vienna International centre and meeting rooms: Guide to FAFICS Meeting Rooms 

The working papers for the meeting will be distributed via email to registered delegates from the FAFICS office (see the FAFICS site)